Mirjam MMS, Semoliè Sore is a sculpture who in her developing and creative processes developes the theme which has crystalized over an extensive period of time into the following cycles: 



»Portrait - figure«,

»Defining gesture«,

»Hidden figurative art – Tree-illusion«,


»Figurative art«.


The works are materialized in:

- self-standing natural-size sculptures

- reliefs and

- scale model of statuary.


The general explicit form of the works is manifested through the figurative art of a broad meaning: from a depiction of a realistic body or portrait, through torso and to a depiction of latent corporeality that already comes into contact with the field of its elimination (the cycle »Tree-illusion«).


In the cycle »Defining gestures« the form of the sculpture leans towards the minimalist single-featured expression. The message of the depicted form is of high importance (the works »Hypocrite« and »Beggar«).


In some works the materialized form relates to concrete contents with historic and literal background (the cycle »Portrait - figure«, the works: »Aleksandrinka«, »Napoleon - Victory«, »Susan«, »Emily« and other works).  


The co-existence of various cycles that interlace, complement and upgrade among each other can be perceived in individual works. Their aim is to attrack the viewer's attention, to send him a bit of information or a particular content. On the basis of subjective perception the viewer is given a chance to individually interprete the content of the work and with it the connected intimate experience of a sculpture.


Mirjam  MMS



2. Aleksandrinka is a name for a Slovenian woman who worked in Egypt as a housekeeper or babysitter from the second half of the 19th century until the beginning of world war II.